Emily’s Story: Beating Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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Emily Settle was finishing her freshman year as a dental hygiene student at the University of Southern Illinois when she started to notice the symptoms.Emily, 19, was in top physical shape as a collegiate track and cross country athlete, but she was suddenly struggling to complete regular training with her team. Emily running track at [...]

Sherry’s Story: Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Sherry Pericful was busy helping to plan her daughter's wedding when she noticed her right breast was sore. After being diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, a very aggressive type of breast cancer, Sherry decided to participate in a clinical trial at IU School of Medicine that aimed to prevent her cancer from returning. Read [...]

Gwen’s Story: A Simple Treatment through Precision Health Research

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Find out how a simple treatment found through Precision Health research gave Gwen Brack hope again after battling rectal cancer since the age of 21. "Research gives me life,” she said, “and it gives me a chance at having a full life.”- Gwen Brack Gwen Brack was a junior in college when she first noticed [...]