About ALL IN for Health

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Why “ALL IN for Health”?

Indiana has a thriving research and life sciences community yet our state has consistently ranked low in annual National Health ranking status.  Currently, Indiana ranks 38th overall out of 50th place even though Indiana is home to health, science, and academic resources.

Additionally, Indiana is home to hundreds of health studies & clinical trials through Indiana University, Purdue University and The University of Notre Dame.  However, only 30% of Hoosiers report being involved in a research study or knowing someone who has participated in a research study.  Progress in discovering new treatments is difficult without research volunteers and can lead to delays in discovering new solutions for health conditions.

Our Mission

ALL IN is dedicated to improving the lives of Hoosiers by connecting Hoosiers to health resources and sharing opportunities to participate in health research and clinical trials.

Our Vision

Through All IN for Health, we envision a future where:

  1.  Hoosiers are Healthier and Happier
  2.  Hoosiers are actively involved in health research
  3.  Indiana is among the Top 10 Healthiest States

We need your help to accomplish this vision of a healthier Indiana!

Our Focus Areas